Embedded displays monitor with integrated controller, high quality, long available and durable

An embedded display monitor is a display with an integrated controller. This is mostly used from the control unit or for complex functions. So on the display there is already a more or less freely programmable controller or at least one controller with built-in (= embedded) functions. Embedded displays are easy to use because they no longer require an additional graphics controller or memory. Graphics functions are integrated and can be used immediately. All power supplies are generated onboard. The “embedded” idea makes it extremely easy for users to integrate a display.

Some embedded monitor displays are supplied with a touch panel (PCAP or resistive) and can therefore accept inputs. They can thus be used as a ready-made HMI (human-machine interface) (also called a smart display).

Embdedded displays are e.g. the EA eDIP displays and the EA uniTFT displays. These can be bought directly in the webshop.