Application "easybar" with intelligent HMI. Here's an interview.


1.    About EasyBar
 Easybar was established in 1968 as a manufacturer and supplier of industry-leading liquor accountability equipment, draft beer systems and beverage conduit systems. With over 40 years of experience working with designers, general contractors, and corporate operators in the food and beverage industry, Easybar ensures a package that will be best suited to the needs of the client without any excess materials or expense. Our corporate office and manufacturing plant is located in Tualatin, Oregon – just fifteen minutes south of Portland. We have corporate reps in several states including California, Connecticut, Nevada, Illinois, Florida, Tennessee, Georgia and New Mexico. We also have independent distributors and service providers located throughout the United States.
2.    The challenge EasyBar faced
 Question: Why did EasyBar want to integrate displays into their products?
"We had a need for a touch screen display that could handle the rigors of day in day out use in a service bar atmosphere. These screens were to be implemented into Self Service Cocktail Stations that would be utilized in Casino environments."

 Question: What was challenging about doing this?
"We required durability, reliability, and a beautiful screen layout. The EA uniTFT101-ATC provided all three."
3.    The Solution: EA uniTFT101-ATC
 Question: What was important when choosing a display?
"Economics, no or less hardware/software programming with intelligent display, long-term availability, engineering support, high-quality. But customer service was paramount and that is what we found with DISPLAY VISIONS."

 Question:  How did EasyBar find the display?
"Our lead engineer sourced through Mouser."

 Question: How did the EA uniTFT101-A help overcome your display challenges?
"This display fit seamlessly into our overall concept and design and created a flawless interaction with servers in a real world environment."
4.    The Benefits
 Question: What are benefits of integrating displays into your company’s products for you and your customers?
"These displays were integrated directly into a revolutionary liquor system and one of the most forward-thinking pieces of beverage dispensing hardware ever developed. This equipment is sure to streamline the way in which drinks are served in restaurant and bar venues. Servers can now automatically pour and ring up perfectly portioned drinks saving time and money while improving customer experience."

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