A clear contrast for readings and perfect for as a status display. Yellow on black with a viewing angle of >340°. Despite the compact design, inputs can be made by lightly touching the surface. The surface itself consists of scratch-resistant glass and is easy to clean.

Programming and Mounting

Thanks to many built-in functions, the screen can be set up quickly. The "EA Kit Editor" tool helps with this. The data exchange with the environment is prepared in many ways, e.g. USB, RS-232, SPI or I²C bus. For mounting, simply peel off the protective foil of the double-sided adhesive and stick it in from the front. Done.

Our Special Offer

While exhibition takes place the display including touchanel is 49.00 € (net) resp. 58.31€ (gross) and may be ordered directly at the webshop. Delivery will be made immediately.
You can find more details on our website or in the data sheet.

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