Unmatched contrast and viewing angle

OLED are different to LCD and TFT displays which are passive technologies and only the backlight make them alive. With OLED displays, every single pixel is lightning up itself. That performs a non-reached high contrast and viewing angle.


Combined with a simple but effective solution for mounting, we developed our OLED displays totally new, based on their pins with 1/10" pitch:


- 102x64 / 1.7": EA OLEDS102-6 (Datasheet)

- 128x64 / 2.3": EA OLEDM128-6 (Datasheet)

- 128x64 / 2.9": EA OLEDL128-6 (Datasheet)

- 4x20 Text, programmable for 2x20 with double character height and 3 built-in character sets: EA OLEDM204-A (Datasheet)


Order one of our newest OLED displays for test:


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All displays are equipped with an integrated controller and provide a SPI and an I²C bus interface. Have a try and an immediate test with our simulator for Windows (1 file only, no installation).


Directly from our development department: the USB test board EA 9781-1USB: you never brought a display faster into operation!


EA 9781-1USB


More features are:

Extreme wide operating temperature range from -40 bis +80°C (-40 to +176°F), 170° viewing angle, super fast even at -40°C (-40°F), robust thanks to the cover glass, optional touch panel, sockets as accessory, characterdisplay with european and cyrillic character set, thanks to the 1/10" (2.54mm ) pitch easiest setup on breadboard, application notes and all support you need comes directly from our development engineers for free.

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