As the first in the world we do provide
TFT displays with 3.2", 4.3" and 7",
which are immediately running
and do provide from the first minute
the full functionality.
These displays do require a single supply
5V= (EA eDIPTFT32: 5V= or 3.3V=)
and an interface RS-232, I2C or SPI only.

Touch Screen

We, ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY are specialized in developing a simple touch-screen for industial, automotive or medical use.

The eDIP-Series provides different sizes and shapes of touch-screens, colored or monochrome.
Starting at 128x64 Pixel ending with VGA Touch screens with 7''.
All those touch-screens have identical instruction sets an same pin-out.
The controlling of the touch-screen is integrated in the module, so there is no need of a complicated drive module. The touch-screen has up to 4 MB flash memory, which is why it saves resources of the host-system.


more about our intelligente TFT Displays, you find here: EA eDIPTFT43 Serielles TFT

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