COG LCD: flache Text und Grafikdisplays mit gelb/rot/blau/grün/weiß beleuchtung


This display series was specially developed for
low-power hand-held applications.
For the first time it is possible to operate
a standard display at 3.3V!
The optionally available LED backlighting can also be run
with 3.3V or 5V. The preferred interface is the SPI bus.
In the mean time are a lot different character and
graphic displays available.

Finally the mounting of COG displays is solved. The DOG series leads the way.

The mounting of COG displays is always a big challenge. Fewest developer think about the later mechanical problems, while choosing a display.

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has the solution for mounting COG displays. The mounting of COG displays is done with the help of pins: The displays are easily directly soldered onto the pcb.

The mounting of COG displays can be done fast, easily, strongly and profitably. Even single pieces are possible because of the way of the mounting of COG displays.


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