Modbus Display with Touch

The EA HMI series includes ready-to-use Modbus touch displays (slave). These HMI displays are characterised by their brilliant brightness and the touch panel. The touch function allows parameters to be entered or processes to be started.
With the free WYSIWYG tool "HMI Designer", you can design your customised screen pages for the Modbus touch panel using drag and drop. You then link the appropriate Modbus registers to the objects on the display so that the correct data is automatically shown.
An RS-485 interface is available for Modbus/RTU and an Ethernet interface for Modbus/TCP.
All touch displays are easy to install, either directly on the wall using 2 invisible screws or in a front panel or housing. The supply voltage is typically 24V (6-30V) and is fed in via screwless terminals. Modbus is a communication protocol for PLC controllers and other devices: Wikipedia


Further information on this display series can be found here.