Modbus Display

Only 2 lines (Modbus/RTU) or a LAN connection (Modbus/TCP) are required to connect a display to a Modbus. Data is then transmitted via RS-485 or Ethernet (RJ-45). A 24V supply (typ. 6-30V DC) is sufficient.
The housing is designed for simple wall mounting using 2 suspensions (screws). Alternatively, the Modbus display can also be integrated directly into a device and there into a front panel, housing or door.
The Modbus displays in the EA HMI series are extremely bright and high-contrast and offer a wide viewing angle. The brilliance is unrivalled on the market. An intuitive window tool is available free of charge for programming the individual pages; the screen templates are loaded directly into the display via the Modbus.
Modbus is widely used in the PLC world and therefore also enables the display of process parameters, diagrams, error messages, etc. Inputs are made directly on the display. Entries are made directly on the display and sent to the controller via the Modbus.

Further information on this display series can be found here.