Big Size LCD with 9,2 mm font

That looks good: LCD technology with 9,2mm character height. The integrated bright yellow backlight and the supertwist technology allows reading the lcd from all directions in best way; - also in dark surrounding. The display works in a temperature range from 0..+50°C or -20..+70°C. Programming the lcd is made over the well known 4-/8-bit interface. Standard version operates with a single 5V supply. Optionally the display is featured with a RS-232 or RS-422 interface. A version with 64 messages stored in an EEPROM is also available. The built in character set is available with english or cyrillic letters. It is possible to define additionally 8 characters by yourself. The outline dimensions are 146x62,5x13mm. Do you think that is to big? OK. Then take a look at our Micro Display with 3,15mm character height and dimensions of 65x28x8,3mm.

More informations you will find in our complete data sheet.
Feb. 4th, 1998 Ralph Tischer