Data logger measures, stores and communicates via WLAN

The high-precision EA WLAN-T+ temperature data logger from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY measures and stores temperature data and sends the readings in over a wireless, encrypted WiFi link to a PC which is connected to the network. If the wireless connection is lost or the PC is shut down, the data logger stores measurement data for several weeks. The temperature readings are always shown on the built-in display.

The display resolution is 0.01°C, and the measurement accuracy is ± 0.1°C which is high enough for demanding applications. The temperature measurement range is -20°C to +60°C. Temperatures from -270°C up to 1300°C as well as humidity can be measured using other devices in the same family. The temperature can be shown in degrees centigrade or Fahrenheit. The maximum and minimum readings can be displayed by repeatedly pressing the push button.  Users can set high and low thresholds which trigger an alarm. Featuring IP 55 water jet and dust protection, the logger is suitable for use in harsh industrial environments. A bracket is supplied for wall mounting.

User-friendly PC software is provided for simple configuration of the data logger over a USB connection. Firmware updates are downloaded over the same interface. When connecting the EA WLAN-T+ to the cloud you can control your remote sensors from all over the world. Last but not least, the built-in Li-Ion battery can be recharged from the USB port. The software displays readings from multiple sensors and historical data on the PC. The data can be exported for further analysis.

More informations you do find here at our website or in the datasheet.