Small, versatile graphics displays

The EA DOGXL240-7 is the latest addition to the  ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY EA DOG series. The new graphics display has 240x128 pixel resolution. It comes with a UC1611s controller, graphics RAM and alternatively with background lighting. The compact display (   94x67mm) is ideal for handheld applications, particularly because current consumption is only  900µA (without lighting) and the display can be powered by batteries. 3 different LED background lighting options and 4 different display technologies (STN and FSTN) are available, giving users up to 8 possible designs to choose from. All feature high brightness and contrast.

Other attractive features include:
Super -flat, 2. 8mm without backlight, 6. 5mm with LED backlight
Broad power input range, 2.  7V to 3. 3V, no auxiliary voltage needed
Serial SPI interface (3- and 4-wire) and I2C
Fast and easy mounting by pins soldered to PCB
Operating temperature -20 to +70°C with built-in temperature compensation

The following backlighting options are available: White, green/red and amber. The backlight color can be switched between red and green for 2-color displays. All are extremely bright for excellent readability and they have low power consumption.

The EA DOGXL240-7 modules will also operate with the EA TOUCH240-3, which is a 4-wire resistive touch panel that has a self-adhesive backing and can be mounted directly onto the display. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY recommends a display with backlight to ensure good readability when the touch panel is used.

The EA DOGXL240-7 modules have been designed with compact handheld devices in mind but they are also used in instrumentation and diagnostic systems, machine manufacturing, construction machinery, auto electronics development, special purpose vehicles and medical equipment.
EA DOG series products are available in many different versions from stock in quantities of 1 or more. Availability is guaranteed for up to 10 years.

Here’s the link for the corresponding data sheet.

The customized EA 9780-3USB evaluation kit can be supplied to support application development for the display. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY developed the kit to speed up commissioning and help users familiarize themselves with the EA DOG displays. Individual character sets and a font editor are available on a USB flash drive as an accessory. DOG displays can also be supplied in other sizes and dimensions as text (1x8 to 4x20 characters) and graphics versions (1.7 to 3.9 inches).