OLED displays with SPI interface run on simple 3.3V supply

The highly popular   serial peripheral interface (SPI) is now available on ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY OLED text displays. The deployment of serial data transmission continues to increase and SPI expands the application range of the displays. A broad and ever -expanding range of SPI-enabled components and microcontrollers is available on the market and the SPI bus is now being designed into many applications. In theory, there is no limit to the number of displays and nodes that can be attached to the SPI bus. The bus has 3 shared bus lines (MOSI, MISO and CLK) as well as a CS ( chip-select) line.

Previously, the advanced text displays which are available in ice white and yellow/green were only supplied with a 4-/8 -bit data bus.

All displays have a built-in controller similar to the HD44780 and run on a single 3.3V or 5V supply. Current consumption is very low with 15    ~50mA. 4 character sets including special characters are already stored in the character ROM: English/Japanese, English/Russian (Cyrillic) and 2 different Western European character sets. Users can also define up to 8 of their own characters. Different functions can easily be programmed with a single command: Clear Display, Cursor Home, Cursor ON/OFF, Cursor Blink and Shift Display. Example code is available on the homepage. All OLED displays will run in a wide operating temperature range (-40  ~+80°C).

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY offers 9 different versions of its text OLEDs:
EA W082-XLG with 2x8 characters (5. 5mm high)
EA W162, 6 versions with 2x16 characters (5. 5mm and 8. 9mm high)
EA W202-XLG with 2x20 characters (5. 5mm high)
EA W204-XLG with 4x20 characters (5. 5mm high)
Here’s the link for the corresponding data sheet.