Slim, adjustable and energy-saving: the DOGM128-6 graphic display

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY, a leading supplier of TFT and LC displays for industrial applications, has added the EA DOGM128-6 model to its EA DOGM product family. The 7 different optional LED backlights can be combined with 5 different display technologies to give some 20 different configurations. With its super-flat design and extraordinarily low energy requirements, the DOGM128-6 is particularly ideal for use in battery-operated mobile devices. An optional touch panel allows the implementation of interactive controls.

The DOGM128-6 boasts a resolution of 128x64 pixels. Alphanumeric characters can – depending on the character size – be displayed e.g. in 8 lines of 21 characters or 4 lines of 16 characters. The integrated ST 7565R controller provides a convenient means of control. The display comes with an integrated SPI interface for communication with the outside world. After a single calibration by command, the contrast is automatically kept constant by the temperature compensation facility that is also integrated.

The DOGM128-6 is available in 5 different technologies – FSTN positive, transflective; STN positive, yellow/green, transmissive; STN negative, blue, transmissive; FSTN negative, transmissive; and STN positive, yellow/green reflective. There are also 6 differently colored backlights to choose from for adaptation to various design requirements   , as well as an RGB version with a color change option. This allows a large number of different combinations to be put together, meeting almost any design preference.

Another positive feature of the DOGM128 is its absolutely compact form. Even with LED lighting the display is only 5.8mm thick; without lighting it is just 2mm thick. It has a footprint of 55x46mm and offers a window of 51x31mm. Assembly is a simple matter of soldering into the PCB. The display gets by on a single power supply (3.3V). Optional extras include a USB test board for connection to the PC, character sets on data media and electromechanical accessories for easier installation.

With its operating temperature range of -20  to +70°C, the display covers the requirements of most industrial applications. ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY  supplies the displays in quantities of as little as 1. The displays are normally held in stock.

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