Evaluation kits: the quick introduction to the benefits of the eDIP display family

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY, a leading supplier of TFT and LC displays for industrial applications, has significantly expanded its range of evaluation kits for the proprietary eDIP product family. This marks yet another expansion of the company’s support for application developers: The evaluation kits offer customers a valuable introduction to the possibilities afforded by the intelligent displays. The boards are now available for 7 different display types, from 3.2” through 7”.

The evaluation kits each contain an intelligent display with touch panel as well as an interface board for direct connection to the PC. The board is connected by USB to a computer on which the development environment that is also supplied is installed. This allows any demos to be created, internal character sets modified and in-house macros defined. All of this is aided by countless “how-to-use” examples to copy.

The intelligent display is accommodated by 2 sockets on an evaluation board on which typical usage scenarios can be configured and trialed. These include various interfaces such as SPI, RS-232, I²C and USB, as well as 2 potentiometers,  8 push buttons and just as many LEDs. The potentiometers allow users to simulate analog input signals; the buttons imitate digital inputs, while the LEDs indicate the logical levels at the corresponding outputs. The board is also configured with other LEDs to indicate data traffic and the transmit buffer. Optional expansion boards provide additional interface specifications and allow the developer to model his target environment even more closely.

The associated PC development software comprises a source text editor with built-in compiler as a central element. Closely linked to the editor are other tools such as a terminal, a bitmap editor and an editor for creating and editing virtual pointer instruments on the display. This environment enables developers to integrate the display quickly and conveniently into their target application.

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