High contrast, user-friendly, compact: EA DIP204-6 Alphanumeric Display

The EA DIP204-6 LCD  module made by the display specialist ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY features LCD super-twist technology, a razor-sharp image and very simple mounting.

The EA DIP204-6 can display 4 lines containing 20 characters each. It is available with white characters on a blue background or black characters on a white background. The display is the ideal solution for attractively designed HMIs on electrical equipment and machinery. The onboard KS0073 controller (similar to the HD44780) manages user-friendly communications with the outside world.

Besides the character set containing 240 alphanumeric characters, the unit can also display 16 icons such as arrows or technical symbols, considerably simplifying the operation of the equipment on which the display is installed. System developers can also define up to 8 symbols of their own which can be stored and displayed just like alphanumeric characters. The display has a parallel data bus and a SPI port for data transfer with the control circuitry.

The EA DIP204-6 is extremely compact (only 75 millimeters wide). No complicated installation is necessary, as the unit can easily be soldered directly onto the PCB. The display can simply be plugged into a socket connector. A single voltage supplies power to the module including the LED lighting. With an operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C the display is designed to withstand harsh conditions. Automatic temperature compensation ensures that the display remains crisp and easily legible even under varying temperature conditions.

The EA DIP128-6 with a resolution of 128x64 pixels is a graphics-enabled alternative to the EA DIP204-6. It is supplied in the same housing as the EA DIP204-6.

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