Monochrome display with the intelligence of the “big ones”

ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY has integrated a graphic controller into its eDIP128-6 family of displays. This is the first time that the company has offered a monochrome 128 x 64 pixel display with a built-in graphic controller. For cost reasons, it had not been possible to do so in the past. The display is also available with a touch panel, making it the ideal solution for machine control applications in a wide range of industries.

The built-in graphic controller makes it much easier for developers to design sophisticated control panels into their equipment, machines and systems. The displays come with eight character sets (fonts) built in. Graphic commands which provide the same ease of use as high-level languages are available to program functions and position characters and bitmap images with single-pixel accuracy. No need for additional software or drivers. No time-consuming and error-prone machine level programming. The eDIP128-6 drastically reduces time to market.

More than 256 macros can be stored in the onboard EEPROM. Developers can pre-define display content as complete images which can be stored in the non-volatile memory for immediate use.

The touch panel can be used to create a user interface. The developer can define touch-activated controls on the display. The position and function of the controls can vary depending on the context. The labels on the controls can easily be set to the local language.

The developer has a choice of three serial interface options – RS-232, SPI or I2C. The 71.4 x 54.4mm display has an operating temperature range of -20°C – +70°C, making it suitable for industrial applications. White LED lighting ensures excellent contrast and readability even in very bright lighting conditions.

The eDIP128-6 displays can be supplied either for positive display or negative display with blue background. Both versions are available with an optional resistive touch panel.