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Overview of 2007

30 years experience

Again ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY GmbH closed it's business year 2006 with a record sales.
A lot of new products like the intelligent EA eDIP-series and the extreme flexible EA DOG displays pushed the companys success. General manager Stefan Eber: "The good result shows us, that we had chosen the right way". Meanwhile ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is with authorized distributors on the spot in 19 countries. 25% of the turnover is done with foreign trade. The business field contains with more than 2000 products the whole range of LCD modules. These are character displays with 1x8 and 2x16 character up to 5.7" graphics displays with touch panel.
The focus is always "highest quality" and "smooth availability". Products are reasoned and practice-oriented. "The outstanding competent technical support met our needs especially while the design-in phase" a customer tells. And this is not an individual case. Because of these positive experience ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY provides also semi- and full-customized products. In any case, both sides benefit from the 30-years experienc in LCD business.

July, 17th 2007 Ralph Tischer

Von Displays, Bedieneinheiten und Zubehör

The ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY booth cannot be overlooked, right at the front at the passage to Hall 12. The booth is packed with a wide variety of fully controlled displays: displays for handheld devices, as status indicators, for test devices. Partly with touch panel and built-in intelligence. The specialist says it has over 2000 different displays in stock. Adapted versions or fully customized solutions are also offered. The 4- and 8-bit data bus as well as the RS-232, USB, RS-485, SPI and the I²C bus act as interfaces. The displays are mostly designed for a temperature range of -20 .. + 70 ° C.

embedded world 2007 Nürnberg, Halle 12, Stand 506
2. Januar 2007 Ralph Tischer

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