Price reduction

All prices for dotmatrix BlueLine series are going down for 15-20% each. Because of the high volume production ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is able to forward the purchaseing advantage even for small quantities. No wonder this series impress by a new look: blue LCD with white characters. At a second glance you will recognize that contrast and viewing angle is excellent. Even technical details make the engineer happy: low power consumption for backlight (e.g. 15..60mA for 2x16 LCD), operating temperature range is 0..+50°C or optionally -20..+70°C. Made with this new technic there are a lot of different modules at different sizes available. All of them are compatible to the market standard with controller HD44780. Everybody who is interested in graphics displays will find many different modules from 128x64 up to 320x240 dots - absolute compatible to market standard in hard- and software.

Helpful link: BlueLineBlueLine DIP, Data Sheets: Character (652kB), 128x64 (309kB), 160x128 (103kB), 240x64 (343kB), 240x128 (215kB) und 320x240 (324kB) (german language only).
March, 19th. 2002 Ralph Tischer