Sunlight Readable high quality Displays, modern Technology, long lasting and long available, with or without intelligence

Two different technologies allow the sunlight readability of a display:

The use of a transflective polarizer allows the display background to be brightened by sunlight (similar to a mirror). Transflective display, i.e. sunlight readable, can be found in the EA DOG series, in the EA DIP Displays and in the EA eDIP series (linked here)

For colour display this technique is extremely expensive. Therefore, an extremely bright backlight is constructed to enable reading even in sunlight. Sunlight readable displays need a brightness of at least 1000cd/m². Our EA uniTFTs series for example is definitely sunlight readable.

If a device is installed outdoors (sunlight) or is to be read as a handheld device, sunlight readability must be considered. Reading or readability in direct sunlight depends on many parameters. Let us advise you: email


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