Arduino with graphic display: how it works

Arduino with Graphicdisplay

- Direct connection
- Interface pcb
- Interface: SPI
- 3.3V singe supply

Arduino Graphicdisplay

Arduino Graphicdisplay

To connect a graphic display to an Arduino, little hardware is required. EA DOG series graphic displays or other graphic displays offer either an SPI interface or a parallel bus interface. Both are suitable to communicate with the Arduino Uno, Due or Nano. Since graphic LCDs usually do not have a character set, this must be stored in the Arduino. This requires at least 1kB, better 2-4kB FLASH in the Arduino. To do this, you need routines to display the individual letters and graphics.
Of course it is easier to use an intelligent graphic display like EA eDIP or EA uniTFT. This not only speeds up the application but also leads much faster to the target. And is more clearly arranged in the program code.
You can buy graphic displays (not only for Arduino) in our display shop. We also have an Arduino Shield, suitable for the EA DOGS102 / DOGM128 / DOGL128 / DOGM132.

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