Arduino with display? Many solutions from the blank pcb board to the intelligent TFT touch panel

Displays for Arduino

- Empty pcb

- Displays with SPI

- Displays with 8-Bit data bus

- Touchpanel

Arduino Display

Arduino Display

Displays at the Arduino. There you go:
Arduino meets DOG: Connection of the display (EA DOG series) via SPI. Text and graphic displays work on the same hardware. Free program examples and board layouts with circuit diagram. Text displays (LCD and OLED) are operated via ASCII codes, for graphic displays the Arduino writes directly into the screen memory. "0" and "1" are immediately displayed as white and black pixels.
It is particularly elegant when using an intelligent display from the EA eDIP series or EA uniTFT series. Here you can already use many graphic functions and fonts. An optional touch panel is also available via the SPI. The display automatically sends data to the Arduino when touched.
You can buy the display in the webshop.

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