This display series was specially developed for
low-power hand-held applications.
For the first time it is possible to operate
a standard display at 3.3V!
The optionally available LED backlighting can also be run
with 3.3V or 5V. The preferred interface is the SPI bus.
In the mean time are a lot different character and
graphic displays available.



Immediately running TFT displays:
full functionality from the first minute off.
After the successful 4.3" type there are also
smaller and larger displays available.
(e.g. 3.2", 4.3", 5.7" and 7").
For operation there is only 5V=
and a serial interface like RS-232, I²C or SPI necessary.


Contrast 1/2000: The new OLED technology provides
because of its real black background and its active
technology a contrast ratio of minimum 2000:1.
Operating temperature range -40..+80°C.
More and more does the required temperature range for a
typical LCD module exceed the possibilities. Above all things
with low temperatures the new OLED displays do win every
competition with standart LCD modules!



The dotmatrix LCDs offered here are all equipped
with the controller HD44780 or compatible;
they contain a complete character set and are
configured for operation on the 4- or 8-bit data bus
of a processor system. There are R/W, RS and Enable
control lines. Please ask about special models with an
extended temperature range, a Cyrillic character
set or a soldered connector.


This is how graphics programming
will look in the future:
No more "pixel programming" but, instead,
efficient operation with extensive drawing
functions and fonts. The advantages are obvious:
no time-consuming graphics programming,
drastically reduced time-to-market.



Amazing contrast and viewing angle.
The new e-Paper displays series "EA EPA" do provide
a neutral black and white display for character and graphic
without any pseudo-colors. These displays are clear black
and white types with 2 additional gray shades.
Resolution is with its about 90 dpi quiet high and good
for finest graphics. The new e-Paper displays can be
read wihout any backlight at its best.


LCD graphics displays in a variety of sizes and
resolutions up to 5.7". Many displays already have
an integrated controller. This enables individual
pixels to be set and deleted. These displays are
available both without illumination and with
a variety of types of illumination.

EA VK-1000V5

EA VK-1000V5

Stand-alone function modules like
DVM (digital voltmeter), elapsed-time-meter,
counter. For measurement of voltage,
current, operting hours and pulse.
Only power supply and measurement signal is necessary.
All modules do come without a case to become
assembled into an equipment.



DIP modules are simply inserted in the
PCB and soldered in place. No screws,
distance sleeves or cables are required,
thus saving material costs and simplifying
construction. This results in a saving
of between 2 and 4 minutes per module
during assembly!



ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY can supply a data logger
to monitor and record ambient temperature,
relative humidity and dew point.
The EA SYLOG-USB-4 is ideal for applications
in the pharmaceutical and food industry,
transportation and logistics and
general laboratory use.



Our serial devices are a dot-matrix LCD series
of products that are ready for operation with a driver
and a bezel or a snap-in housing. They are connected
to a standard RS-232C interface (or, optionally, an RS-422).
The data transmission rate can be set to 300, 1,200,
2,400 or 9,600 bps. All cursor control (line feed etc.) is automatic.



The EA KIT graphic series is a fully assembled
control and operating unit with a variety
of integrated functions. As well as offering
excellent super-twist contrast, the compact display
can be put into operation immediately.
It is controlled via the standard
RS-232 or RS-422 interface.


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Making things easy

The company philosophy of ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is based on the vision of “making things easy”. This is the motto of Carola Wittmann and Stefan Eber, as well as the entire staff.

This philosophy is reflected in all our products – many of our displays run right out of the box and everything we offer features easy handling.

This approach makes it possible for customers to launch their products on the market with considerably more speed and lower prices.



Get to know the entire team

Two people make up our management team: Carola Wittmann and Stefan Eber.

Together with a very diversified group of team leaders, they lead the following departments:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Logistics
  • Marketing
  • Development
  • Production
  • Sales/Distribution
  • Order Processing
  • Purchasing


Get to know us

Form your own personal opinion of us at the following tradeshow on the following days:

  • at the embedded world 2018 in Nuremberg/Germany from 27. February - 1. March 2018
  • at the electronica 2018 in Munich/Germany from 13. - 16. November 2018