Gleanings - embedded world DIGITAL 1. ~ 5. March 2021

Roundtables - Webinare - Live Video Conferences

The week was tightly packed with roundtables, webinars and live video conferences. Check out the recordings below in the aftermath.

Many thanks to our specialists!

Intelligent bright industrial grade IPS TFT touch displays

EA uniTFT-Series - Intelligent HMI / TFT touch displays with USB, RS232, I²C, SPI, digital and analog inputs/outputs. Full viewing angle, sunlight readable, super bright 1000 cdm² IPS-TFT. Comfortable operation via resistive or capacitive touch panel. All-around overhanging touch panel glass with surrounding adhesive strip for easy installation in front panels. Available in 2", 2.8", 3.5", 4.3", 5", 7" and 10.1". Rapid programming with uniTFTDesigner WYSIWG programming tool.

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Fast, easy TFT programming - WYSIWYG editor

Quickly and easily create contemporary, engaging display content and HMI dialogs on bright, view-independent EA uniTFT HMIs. Create elaborate and graphically appealing diagrams, pointer instruments, keypads, and active operating and display objects using dedicated editors. Solve control and data acquisition tasks with short, decentralized macros.
macros. Check the graphical functions you have created at lightning speed on a WYSIWYG simulator. Simulate input variables.

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Industrial-grade, high-contrast OLED display for extended temperature range

You need high contrast displays on deep black background with fast response time even at temperatures around -40°C! Industrial OLED technology from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY in dual inline pin design for plugging or soldering are perfect for this task. You do not want to limit yourself to a parallel 8-bit interface! The EA OLED series offers you I²C, SPI, intelligent solutions with USB, RS232 and additional digital and analog I/O ports. Use OLED HMIs with capacitive touch panels and give your device a more valuable appearance.

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High-quality text and graphic displays with pins, different sizes, backlights as well as touch panels

High contrast text or graphic LCD displays in industrial COG/chip-on-glass technology with dual inline package for plugging or soldering directly to the PCB. Combine different sizes in different display colors with single or multi-color LED backlights and resistive or capacitive touch panels. In addition to classic parallel interfaces, serial SPI and I²C interfaces are also available. 3.3 V are sufficient as single supply.

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High brightness industrial TFT displays with IPS and AACS technology

High-quality TFT displays in IPS for industry and medicine for brightnesses of over 1000cd/m² with high durability. Thus also readable in sunlight. Control via SPI interface and therefore suitable for all µC. Alternatively, these small TFTs can also be connected via the classic RGB interface or an 8- or 16-bit data bus. Available for many years in sizes of 2", 2.8", 3.5", 4.3", 5", 5.2" and 7".

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Trade fair offer

[Translate to Englisch:] Mini-HMI mit Touch als Applikationsbeispiel

A product from our new HMI series EA uniTFTs:

Check air quality and record temperature and humidity with the colour display. Feel free to customise your touch panel!


EA DEMOPACK-CLIMA           69.- €* (no longer valid)
Incl. 2.8" Touch panel and Demo board


*net plus VAT and shipping cost. Valid until 31. March 2021.

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This was our booth last year ... and hopefully next year at embedded world 2022. See you there!



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