¼VGA: power consumption and available controllers

Our factory is looking for a graphics LCD  for our prototype. I  read somewhere that you sell displays ‒ and I  even found the type ‒ 320x240STN with CFL backlight (EA 7320-7.9NC), but I would like to have some technical information about it: I would like to know:
1. Power consumption (with and without a backlight)
2. Power supply (voltage)
3. If it is equipped with a controller (if not ‒ what type of controller does it need and do you have it?)
4. Price of the full kit or parts (I mean the display, controller and backlight)

http://schaper-verlag.de/?CAMS=blacked-porno Answer:
Thank you for your e-mail enquiry. Here are  answers to your questions. Please note that this data is only valid for the EA 7320-7,9NC:

1. The power supply current at VCC is max. 15mA, at VEE max. 10mA
2. The logic voltage is 5V ±10% and the driving voltage for the contrast is -14..-21V (it depends on the temperature)
3. For driving the LCD you need a controller chip like SED 1330 or MSM 6255 and some drivers, display memory and a decoder. Then you have to write  software with graphics routines, fonts ...
Furthermore you need a CFL inverter for driving the CFL backlight (e.g. EA CXA-E005 DM 29.00 per pc.)
4. The price for the full featured RS-232 KIT (EA KIT7320-V24) is DM 850.00 per pc.    It includes 5  integrated fonts, various graphics functions and an RS-232 interface. The power supply is simply 5V. You  no longer need a CFL inverter .

There are some other 1/4 VGA LCDs available: