EA: Data sheets

Character LCD

Character LCD

EA 8081-A3N


DIP-Module 1x8, 7.15mm


DIP-Module 2x8, 5.01mm


DIP-Module 1x8, 11.48mm


DIP-Module 2x16, 6.68mm

EA DIP203-4 DIP-Module 4x20, 3.75mm

EA DIP204-4

Replacement: EA DIP203-4

EA DIP203-6 DIP-Module 4x20, 6.45mm

EA DIP204-6


Replacement: EA DIP203-6

EA DOG-Series

super-flat 3,3V displays 1x8, 2x16, 3x16

EA DOGS104-A 4x10/2x10 character, 3.3V SPI, I²C
EA DOGM204-A 4x20 character, 3.3V SPI, I²C

1x8 1x16 1x20


Character displays, 1 line, HD 44780-compatible

2x8 2x12 2x16
2x20 2x24 2x40


Character displays, 2 lines, HD 44780-compatible

4x16 4x20 4x40


Character displays, 4 lines, HD 44780-compatible

BlueLine W-series Blue colored character lcd series w. white led
OLED OLED character displays 2x8..4x20

The Serials (RS-232) 

2x16 .. 16x40 character, RS-232 / RS-422, addressable

Serials with memory

2x16..4x20/2x40 character, RS-232, 64 screens, 6 inputs

Dynamic Dotmatrix


Character displays with 4 different font sizes, RS-232