Our Team

Two people make up our Management team: Carola Wittmann and Stefan Eber.
They lead the following departments:

  • Quality Assurance, with team leader Herbert Demmel and his assistant Ilya Khlyap

  • Logistics, with team leader Charlotte Devermann and her staff Eva Starl, Ulla Mewes and Christian Bayer

  • Marketing, with team leader Carola Wittmann and her assistant Ralph Tischer

  • Development, with team leader Ralph Tischer and his staff Herbert Demmel, Rudi Sigl, Jonas Meinecke and Lisa Reese

  • Production, with team leader Nico Matosevic and his staff Christian Kuhberger, Barbara Pioch, Stefan Rathmann and Christian Knoll

  • Sales/Distribution, with team leader Stefan Eber and his staff Sven T. Jenschur und Christina Finselberger

  • Order Processing, with team leader Heike Aderan and her staff Julia Stürzer and Andrea Hausner

  • Purchasing, with team leader Gabriele Landgraf and her assistant Kevin Bussewitz