Direct Mounting

DIP Modules: Compact and pin mounted


Because of their design, DIP modules are extremely compact: there is no PCB overhang, no drilled holes for assembly and no contact pads for connectors or cables. The viewing area is optimally sized and the large font makes reading easier. 

Fast, easy assembly

DIP modules are simply inserted in the PCB and soldered in place. No screws, distance sleeves or cables are required, thus saving material costs and simplifying construction. This results in a saving of between 2 and 4 minutes per module during assembly!   


All displays are shipped with market-standard controllers. This means that the existing hardware and software can continue to be used unchanged.


The displays forming a series are compatible both in terms of pins and dimensions. It is therefore a simple matter to use both a text display (e.g. 2 x 16) and a graphics display (e.g. 122 x 32) within a series without the need for any mechanical or hardware modifications. A subsequent upgrade, for example to 4 x 20 characters, is also possible without problems.

State-of-the-art display technology

Only top-quality materials are used. As a result, these displays are very easy to read and offer a high level of contrast. The design and manufacture of this display series guarantees minimum downtimes even under extreme conditions!

Very short delivery times

Because these displays are already being supplied in series production for hundreds of applications, we possess a large stock that allows us to cover even short-term requirements. This means that individual parts can usually be delivered ex stock and mostly hundreds of units are available.


With a standard operating temperature of -20..+70 °C, rapid response times are guaranteed even at -20 °C. Automatic temperature compensation is usually also built-in. 5V single-supply operation is possible in all cases thanks to the built-in voltage doublers (exception: EA DIP122).

4 series are currently available

40x20mm 68(75)x27mm75x46mm 113x70mm
1 x 8 and 2 x 8 characters1 x 8, 2 x 16, 4 x 20 characters, and
122 x 32 pixels for graphics
4 x 20 characters and
128 x 64 pixels for graphics
Graphics 240 x 128 pixels

... and brand new:

180x32 dots, 3x AX6120
optional Touchpanel

All the DIP modules at a glance

Character Character heightDimensions Ordering codeColor ControllerDatatsheet
122x3268x27mmEA DIP122-5HNLEDyellow/greenAX6120.pdfdip122-5.pdf
75x27mmEA DIP122J-5NLA amber
EA DIP122B-5NLWblue-white
128x6475x46mmEA DIP128J-6N5LWblack&whitePT6608.pdf dip128-6.pdf
EA DIP128J-6N5LA amber
EA DIP128-6N5LWblue-white
180x32102x27mm EA DIP180B-5NLW blue-whiteAX6120.pdf dip180-5.pdf
240x128 113x70mm EA DIP240J-7KLWblack&whiteT6963.pdf dip240-7.pdf
EA DIP240B-7KLWblue-white
7.15 mm40x20mmEA 8081-A3NgrayST7066.pdf 8081a3n.pdf
11.48 mm68x27mmEA DIP081-CHNLEDyellow/green ST7066.pdf dip081-c.pdf
5.01 mm40x20mmEA DIPS082-HNyellow/green ST7066.pdf dips082.pdf
EA DIPS082-HNLEDyellow/green
6.68 mm68x27mmEA DIP162-DHNLEDyellow/green ST7066.pdfdip162.pdf
75x27mmEA DIP162J-DN3LW black&white
EA DIP162-DN3LWblue-white
3.75 mm68x27mmEA DIP203G-4NLEDyellow/green SSD1803.pdfdip203-4.pdf
75x27mmEA DIP203J-4NLW black&white
EA DIP203B-4NLWblue-white
6.45 mm75x46mmEA DIP203J-6NLW black&white SSD1803.pdfdip203-6.pdf
EA DIP203B-6NLWblue-white

More informationen for the Design-In

Additionally to our service, to have a phone call to our development engineers, and to contact them directly by email at technik(at), we provide some more informations and help. Initialisation examples, schematic, information for character set, USB driver you do find at our page SUPPORT.

DIP Modules

Last update: January, 22nd 2013