EA uniTFT050-ATC

Multifunctional control unit with object - based display:

- move objects directly
- change measured values while they are already displayed
- automatically increase important parameters
- fade in gently control elements
- easiest creation of screens via uniSKETCH

5" Multifunction TFT

Juggle with objects playfully

TFT displays are indispensable in industrial and medical technology as well as in the private sector. Color displays simplify the operation and therefore revalue every device. Optically small and large applications benefit from the use of a color display. What is important, however, is an appealing screen layout - clear and modern design.
This is where the new concept of the new uniTFT displays from ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLY is set. A number of graphically sophisticated objects are available, which can be adapted to the individual requirements by the simplest means. The graphical editor makes it easy to drag and drop elements to create screen pages. The properties of the individual objects can be edited at any time, actions (for example, for touch keys) can be created.

> Datasheet

Objects, Variables, Calculaton

Any object can be placed, moved and deleted at any time. Fonts can be zoomed and rotated without loss. Selected Windows character sets are stored directly in the display. Thanks to automatic ASCII and Unicode switching, all systems are flexibly supported; Chinese characters included.
Elegant effects for fading in and out or flying in are already integrated. Stylesheets can be used to create uniform designs. Images can be embedded as JPEG, PNG or SVG (also transparent), sound can be played in the form of MP3. Together with the integrated and battery-buffered time base, events can be documented together with the help of a time stamp or processes can be controlled completely autonomously.

Augmented Reality App

The free app shows in an unprecedented way deepening information about the probably most innovative display HMI unit in the world. The basis is the print ad, which has been published in numerous media as part of an advertising campaign for uniTFT.

If the camera of the smartphone or tablet is pointing to the ad, the display becomes alive! At the same time, a humorous short film runs on the display. Using a 3D model, the app also provides valuable information about this new 5 "screen.

Here you can download the app for free:


USB and other interfaces

The new EA uniTFT provides various interfaces to the outside world. An USB interface is available for flashing the onboard memory and debugging or also for normal operation. To run the display there are also an SPI, RS-232 and I²C bus interface available. If some external devices or actuators need to be operated, three more interfaces SPI, RS-232 and I²C bus can be used for that; they are declared as master.
4 analogue inputs and one PWM output enable processing of analog signals. 16 digital I / O (expandable up to 128) take over a wide range of control tasks. A video input directly delivers images, which can be displayed on the screen or stored on the integrated micro SD card (up to 32 GB).

The Touchpanel: Resistive or Multitouch-PCAP

Thanks to the high integration, it is easy to create a simple and intuitive user interface. A variety of functions support the use. Individual key sizes and arrangements are possible. Also settings with a slider are quickly realized. The comprehensive functionality makes this display a complete, versatile HMI, which is extremely compact at the same time. The resistive touchpanel can even be operated with a pencil or gloves; The PCAP version performs even behind a 4 mm thick glass or with thin gloves and is multitouch-capable.

uniSKETCH for Windows

With a graphics tool specially adapted to the possibilities of this display, screen layouts and user interfaces are created easyly. The properties of an object (position, size, angle, transparency) are quickly adapted. Just like the standard stylesheets, The fill color, the border, and the font.
The temperature range of the display is designed for -20 .. + 70 °C. The long-term availability and the high quality requirements testify to the target markets of industry, automotive and medicine.

At a glance

The display has a screen diagonal of 5 "(12.7cm). Other sizes will follow soon.For a quick start, we offer a package with a display including accessories under the order designation EA QUICKuniTFT050C. For the display, we recommend installing the software uniSKETCH together with the USB driver.


Ordering CodeDescription/Download
5" TFT w./o. TouchpanelEA uniTFT050-A
with capacitive
EA uniTFT050-ATC
with resistive TouchpanelEA uniTFT050-ATP
Starter pack incl. DisplayEA QUICKuniTFT050C
Layout SoftwareuniSKETCH V1.02
Firmware Update Firmwareupdate V1.0
USB driverUSB Driver
AccessoriesEA KUSB-MINI: USB cable for pc
EA B2B127M-26T: Socket for pcb mounting (required are 2 pcs.)
EA KM-126: Socket with 25cm ribbon cable (required are 2 pcs.)




Start immediately with EA QUICKSTART

Optionally, the display is available in combination with a starter pack. The 5 "display with capacitive touchpanel comes together with:- a connection board for 3.3V with screw terminals- a suitable USB cable for the mini-USB plug on the display- USB driver and the uniSKETCH layout software for Windows- lots of examples and documentationUnpacking - Getting started

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