Augmented Reality-App haucht Display Leben ein

Bildschirm mit Objekt-Grafik erschließt neue Möglichkeiten

Easily Programmable Graphic Display

“A picture is worth a thousand words”. To an increasing extent, development teams are taking this truism on board. They are designing in graphic displays rather than alphanumeric panels to show machine state information and instrumentation data. Text and graphics can easily be displayed together on the same screen.

The EA eDIP128-6 product family made by Electronic Assembly is the follow-on to the text displays which are now an aging technology. Letters, numbers and special characters can still be displayed, but in different fonts and sizes as well. Users can also add company logos and icons with the aid of simple drawing functions that eliminate the need for complicated graphic programming. The texts and images are stored in on-board memory or loaded at runtime. A display and a touch panel make an excellent combination. With minimal time investment, user-friendly man-machine interfaces can be designed which eliminate the need for buttons, switches and other controls. EA eDIP128-6 display service life exceeds 100,000 hours of operation, making the family ideal for demanding industrial and medical equipment applications. They also have 10-year guaranteed availability to meet the needs of this application space. The displays are available in various sizes as needed for the target applications.


Here is the link to the data sheet and here are more sizes.

Elegant Touch Panel Series – for Home and Automation

Capacitive or resistive - which touch panel is better? High-gloss capacitive touch panels are currently in great demand. However, resistive touch panels are the better choice when you are wearing gloves. The input response is flawless in any situation, even when you are using a standard stylus.

Both versions are available from Electronic Assembly, and the functionality is identical. Because many functions are already built in, the displays are extremely easy to use. The panel automatically reacts to user input with different messages, a change of output voltage level or data sent over the on-board RS-232, SPI or I²C ports.

The surface is scratch-resistant and dirt-repellent, guaranteeing excellent long-term optical performance. The display retains its attractive appearance even when used in strong environment, for example on the production floor or in machine rooms. The controls can be modified on the fly to match the current operating state.

There is a choice of 4 panel sizes (3.2”, 4.3”, 5.7” and 7”) for different mechanically situations. Monochrome versions are also available in sizes starting at 2.8”. The displays can be soldered, screw-mounted or plugged in. They have eight digital inputs and outputs and two programmable analogue inputs. They do provide a large command set for graphic instructions similar to high-level language code. This eliminates the need for time-consuming programming of character sets and graphic routines. This considerably reduces time to market. A long-life LED backlight, developed specifically for professional applications in the industrial sector, produces bright, high-contrast images. Other outstanding features include very high product quality, long-term availability and direct support from highly-qualified engineers. Development kits, mounting bezels and sample software are also available for rapid, problem-free development and deployment.


More informations for this family is available here.